Connect Inboxroad to Mailwizz with a webhook

In this guide, you will learn how to connect Inboxroad to your Mailwizz account using our webhook in a few easy steps. Make sure you have your Inboxroad setup document at hand. If you have multiple sending domains you need to follow these steps for each of them separately.

Step 1: Set your Mailwizz to auto update

As this is a recent integration within Mailwizz, we are constantly improving our performance, so make sure you that your Mailwizz software is always on the latest version to prevent compatibility issues. Therefore it’s required to set auto update to ‘on’ to avoid any disruptions.

This can be done here: Backend dashboard > Settings > Common > Application auto updates: Yes.

Step 2: Configure the delivery server

Using the backend dashboard you can now begin to set up a connection with Inboxroad.

From the backend dashboard click on ‘Delivery servers’ under ‘Servers’.


On the next screen click on “Create new server” and select ‘SMTP Inboxroad’.

Select Inboxroad


On the next screen fill in the details, you have received in your Inboxroad setup document. What is most important:

The ‘From email’ and ‘Reply-To email’ should be the same domain you have used to authenticate with Inboxroad. Add ‘Port:’ 25 and select TLS in the ‘Protocol’ dropdown. Add the ‘Return Path’ mailbox as found in your Inboxroad setup document.

In the end, assign it to the required customer and click on ‘Save Changes’.


Step 3: Share the webhook URL

To make bounce and complaint handling convenient, Inboxroad and Mailwizz have created a custom webhook. Click on the ‘info’ button on the top right corner of the Inboxroad delivery server page (as shown in the screenshot above) and copy the URL. Share this unique URL with your Inboxroad account manager and that’s it; your bounces and complaints will automatically be processed.



Step 4: Verify connection

Finally, Mailwizz will ask for an email address they can send a verification key to. The email will look something like the below.


Click on the link given here and your new delivery server is active and ready for use.

Congratulations you are now connected to Inboxroad!